Device cable is considered as the optimal engineering support in industry. Whether medical technology, motor vehicle, mechanical engineering, or communication, device cable is applied everywhere. Device cable performs excellent durability in many aspects, chemically, mechanically, thermally, etc.

From the very beginning, thanks to the positive quality management and cost performance, we obtain great success in China market and keeps progress ever since. We also marched into the international market officially. 

We are engaged in providing power and signal transmission solutions for the commercial, industrial, and household electronics and appliances industries. We integrate businesses globally with providing a competitive advantage of safe, cost effective, and innovative products that improve our everyday life.

Our goal is to become one stop solution for all your cable and wire demand. We continuously make significant technology progress, keep pace with industry standards and acquire the most advanced manufacturing equipment and tooling. In addition, our highly skilled manufacturing and engineering staff are fully committed to a high quality program and ensures the highest quality workmanship available.

After many years experience of cable and wire design and manufacturing, we make every product renowned for its elegant appearance and flawless finish. We will continually promote the strategy and keep progressing.

Device cable, as the most important section, is our priority for development.

All device cables provided by us are guaranteed 100% RoHS compliant. Meanwhile, we are capable to meet higher levels of other environment requirement such as Phthalate free (17P), Halogen free, Reach compliant.

We sincerely look forward to be your best business partner.